BioKube has developed simple, yet highly effective methods (patent pending), which can be used to clean domestic wastewater. Our cleaning process is unique in its stability of the cleaning process. Our system does not suffer, even if the house stays unused for longer periods of time.
BioKube is approved after CEN standard prEN 12566-3.
A new standard for approval of wastewater systems is being implemented in EU. The CEN standard prEN 12566-3 concerns “Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 7500 L/day – part 3: packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants. BioKube systems are certified to fulfill this standard.
Using "flexibility" as the keyword, BioKube has develop a range of systems which can be upgraded for future increased demands on outlet values, or be expanded in order to connect neighboring houses.
The process control (patent pending) has the following benefits:
The wastewater is treated more efficiently than by any other method
Phosphorus is removed
Formation of H2S in the pre settlement tank is prevented
Load-swings from individual households are anticipated and are balanced out over 24-hours, so that the treatment of the wastewater becomes safer and more stable.
The operation of the system can be programmed to the needs of the individual user.
The BioKube AWTS can be remote controlled (via GSM) and are able to call for service if needed (additional software package).
Nitrate is broken down during the treatment of the wastewater, preventing this from reaching the groundwater.
The purified wastewater can be reused for irrigation.
No moving parts, i.e. drum-filters. Therefore service is reduced to a minimum.
Technical Equipment.
The BioKube AWTS is supplied with a box containing all electronic devices.It can be placed on ground surface (2250 L/day–4500 L/day systems) or placed in the first section (750 L/day–1500 L/day systems).

The box contains 3 or 4 low-energy air blowers, 3-way magnet valves, dosing pump and chemicals for phosphorus treatment and the microprocessor control unit.

There are no moving parts like filter drums etc. in a BioKube and the need for service is extremely low. A yearly check is normally fully satisfactory. There is a alarm if there is a hardware failure.

The energy consumption is extremely low. We use 0,075 kWh for all systems contained in the BioKube. That gives a yearly consumption below 700 kWh.