Questionaire new project
To offer you a exactly solution for your needs please send the apposite form. Ulterior projection and working depend on precision of tehnical dates that you send us.
A: Buyer (owner or adjudication factor) of objective:
  Contact pers.:     
  Activity area:     
B: Conditions
Often the cost of execution can be reduced using the existing ponds.In case you have such ponds please send us the number and dimensions of them.
C: Wastage parameters:
Hidraulic load   Unit Quantity
Qdim total/day   1/day        
Qdim pr. hour       *  1/hour      
Qdim max.           *  1/hour      
Organic load   *    
COD max   mg/l      
BOD5 max   mg/l      
Total Nitrogen   mg/l      
Total Phosphorous   mg/l      
Temperature                       oC      
Chemicals, oils, grease, blood, bones, etc..            mg/l      
 *  numai pentru ape industriale